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Hey buddies, I'm Waggo!

Hey buddies, I’m Waggo!

At PetWags, I feel the same love that I feel at home with you. I get all the attention I need as I play all day long in the Biiiiig playground and make plenty of friends.

I get to feast on the yummiest and the healthiest meals that’s freshly prepared as per the instructions by a nutritionist, especially for me!

I munch on tasty supplements as well!

Some of my friends get it cooked/delivered as per the instructions of their pet parents too. 

But, it’s not just play, there’s so much to learn too. The Doggie Professor ensures that I get the best training education possible to be the best doggo for you!

The fun doesn’t end there, I get to rest & relax at the comfy & cozy daycare and get pampered to my heart’s content at the grooming center!

The people here bathe me often to ensure I’m completely tick & flea-free!

A splendid shopping spree is the icing on the cake to my happiness at PetWags, the pet shop is loaded with exciting goodies and treats that gets me glowing with glee!

I love PetWags, it’s my favorite place to be!

Our Team

Abhishek Gupta

Founder, Dog Lover

Abhishek has been a proud pet parent for the last ten years...

Srinivas Jakkani

Co-Founder, Senior Trainer

Our training team is headed by Srinivas, who is also the co-founder of "Pet Wags"...

Rohan Masrani

Founder, Dog Lover

Rohan shares a strong bond with his labrador Retriever, Archie...

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