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An aesthetic adventure land spanning over 14,000 sq. ft. with a dedicated air-conditioned kennel and 5500 sq. ft. agility area built keeping your doggo's physical and mental stimulation in mind.

Dog Training (Owner Centric Bonding)

We follow a unique and personalized approach for training your dog, that is focused on creating a healthy bond between the parent and doggo through assessing and correcting the behavioral issues.

Dog Grooming

We have a wide range of grooming tools & method such as shampoos & conditioners, bath & blow-dry, full body haircuts, sanitary clipping, medicated baths, anti-flea treatment, and nail-clipping that are customized and dedicated to the needs of each doggo breed!

Off Leash Services

A lush 5,500 sq. ft. of open green lands full of splendor awaits your doggo, where they can play worry-free and leash-free. Equipped with secure fencing and expert supervision guarantees a safe and wonderful session!

Pet Shop

There's plenty of cool goodies to gift your furry friend as you can choose from various accessories ranging from toys, clothes to comfortable collars and leashes!

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