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Why should we train our dogs?

An unbreakable bond of companionship. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Well, that’s exactly what an effective training session can result in for both you and your dear doggo. This mutually beneficial method of training is aimed at enhancing and strengthening the special understanding that only both of you share. The best part is, training a doggo can be carried out at any stage of their development, whether they are a smol furry baby or a big ball of floof!

Here’s just a few ways that focused training can improve the health of your relationship with your beloved:

Two Way Communication

It helps in building bonds between pet parents through the means of a strong channel of communication. Although we do possess an inherent ability to naturally communicate with our furry friends, which have become part of our evolution over thousands of years. 

There are certain nuances such as repetition in commands and other communication that are lost in translation between us. By using a special combination of phrases, actions and body language, your doggo will be able to immediately respond to you and communicate their emotions too!

Adaptation To Environment

Trained dogs make for a pleasant experience, especially in social situations, well-trained dogs adapt to challenging environments that may trigger pets that haven’t been taught to adapt or react in a way that might prove to be difficult for you to handle. 

Trained furry babies make for a great companion, especially in a pet friendly cafe, or a meetup at your friend’s house.

Always By Your Side

A trained doggo has an improved mindset that aids in tackling challenging and potentially harmful situations such as avoiding another aggressive dog, this situation can prove to be embarrassing for both pet parents and doggo, for all parties involved. 

Rather than engaging in an unnecessary altercation, your doggo will immediately respond to your call and come running back into your arms, safe & sound.

Peace Of Mind

A comprehensive and focused training session can do wonders for the overall behaviour of your dog as it targets specific behavioural problems such as increased aggression, excessive chewing, barking, separation anxiety & attention-seeking activities. 

Each of these behaviors require a unique method of training that will result in an improved mood throughout the day, increase in confidence levels, which will result in a calmer & more composed doggo.

In conclusion, it is widely believed that training a doggo involves strict and harsh methods in order to align the behavior of your beloved doggos towards a more disciplined lifestyle, however, this notion could not be further from the truth. 

Training has very little to do with controlling or imposing cognitive behaviour to your furry baby, there is absolutely no need to become an “alpha” to command attention.

Whereas, a thorough training session is an effective way for you and your beloved doggo to grow closer and understand each other much better, with just slight modifications in their neural response patterns to praise and treats!

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