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Reasons why you should massage your dogs regularly

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Who doesn’t love a good, relaxing massage every now and then?

Just as we humans find a good massage relaxing and soothing, our dogs share the same love for a joyful massage too! A good massage session is good for our lovely dogs in a number of ways, from relaxing their strained muscles to improving the bonding and relationship between pet and parent, and of course, it is generally very refreshing too!

Let us look at some main points, highlighting the benefits that a good massage has on your doggo:

  • Our dogs can feel anxiety too. Regular massages help in reducing stress and anxiety of your furry friend. Anxious Dogs can benefit from a regular schedule of massage as it provides them with a much-needed sense of comfort and reduces stress and tension in their mind as well as body. Especially at night time, it relaxes the dog to a great extent and you can enjoy the company of a happy and healthy doggo to an even greater extent!
  • A good massage leads to stimulation and release of endorphins a.k.a the ‘feel good’ chemical in their body, which is also a natural pain killing enzyme. Dogs are high energy animals, which they show in the form of running, swimming, playing etc. these activities take a toll on their bodies and cause soreness and stiffness in their joints and muscles. Massaging these areas will reduce that stiffness and release the tension in them.
  • Studies reveal that when dogs and humans interact with each other in a positive way, oxytocin is produced both in the bodies of humans and the dogs. This hormone has been linked to a positive emotional state. Hence massages strengthen your bond and relationship with your canine friend.
  • Massage reduces blood pressure, strengthens his immune system, helps digestion and proper functioning of the kidney and liver and also enhances deep breathing in the canine.
  • Massage promotes the overall well-being of your dogs and helps them feel  happy and refreshed


So, the next time you spend quality time with your beloved dogs, be sure to introduce a fun massaging session in order to build a healthy and happy bond!

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