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Monsoon tips to keep your dog safe

Monsoon season has just begun in India, and the rains bring with it a mixed bag of feelings since there are both the good and the bad sides to this season. Some of us might revel in the cool monsoon showers as a celebration for withstanding the draining summer heat while some of us who hate getting wet cannot wait until winter is here.

Just like us humans, our dear doggos too have mixed emotions during monsoons. They love the smell of the fresh air and flora right after the rains. However, the risk of water-borne diseases is very high during this time. It becomes extra important to keep a check on your dog’s whereabouts as hygiene is a primary concern.

Here are a few tips on how to take the best care of your furry baby during monsoons:

  • Make sure they are dry

Keeping your dogs as dry as possible during the rains is very important as staying wet for long durations welcomes a host of fungal and bacterial infections. Be sure to keep them away from stagnant water as well. Long periods of exposure  leads to a skin condition known as Pododermatitis, which is the inflammation the paw skin.

  • Ensure treatment of ticks & fleas

Consult an expert and and get your doggo medicated as ticks and fleas are thriving during monsoons and there can be a risk of internal parasites that have developed as well. Use anti-tick shampoos and ointments at home.

  • Ensure clean water & space

It is very important that you check the quality of drinking water that you give to your dogs since unhygienic water can cause a lot of problems upon ingestion. Their living space has to be clean and habitable.

  • While on walks

Taking your dogs out for a walk must not stop, however try as much as possible to avoid puddles and damp areas and only sticking to dry places during the daytime.

  • Spare a thought to the animals in the vicinity

For the Streeties, it would be great if you can give them some clean and safe shelter around your homes and provide clean water during the harsh rains.

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