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Importance of ‘crate training’ for you and your dog

  • General

Crate training is an essential activity that must be done in order to build a stronger and healthier bond between the dog and their personal space. This process involves you making your pet familiar with their crate and creating their own safe space which they can always go to in cases of discomfort or any other upcomings.

  • Home Sweet Home

Dens are said to be the natural habitat for dogs, so crates give them a sense of safety, privacy, and security. A crate to your dog is like a bedroom to your child.

  • Potty Training

Dogs normally keep the area where they sleep or rest quite neat and tidy. So ‘crate training’ a dog also ensures that they develop a better sense of control over their bladder and it can be a good in-house training activity too!

  • Calm and Controlled

Crate Training can effectively help in confining your dog at times when they may be underfoot (i.e., when you have guests, at mealtimes), over-excited, or bothered by too much confusion or activity (such as lots of children running around the house).

  • Travel Easy

Traveling with the dogs becomes easy if they are crate trained, this can be done through the use of ‘travel crates’ It is a much better option than direct sedation and completely safe and sound option as our pets are prone to travel anxiety, just like us, and will be greatly benefited if they are kept in their very own comfort crate, which can act as a safety blanket when visiting unknown places.

  • Well-disciplined

Crate Training can help in significantly reducing destructive behavior such as destroying furniture or hurting themselves when they remain unattended during nights/ or work hours

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