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Winters can be quite testing for our dear doggos, they go through a tough time as they are more sensitive to changing climate and challenging weather as the temperature drops.

 Here are some mandatory tips to keep in mind while taking care of your doggos during the harsh winter season:

1. Keep it warm & cozy

This does go without saying, but to reiterate, it is very important to maintain a comfortable space at home & provide clothes that your doggos can snuggle into to keep them warm and safe during cold bursts of wind.

 2. Moisturize, try to avoid baths

Winter can be particularly harsh on sensitive skin, it’s best to use moisturizers regularly & generously, this helps in replacing the natural oils, which your doggos are deprived of during this season. Frequent bathing is not recommended since this can also be a contributing factor in deleting their natural moisture present in their body, which can lead to dry skin

 3. Use a good conditioner

It can be observed that many pet parents are taking that extra step and using conditioners on their doggos. Which is good. However, please be mindful of the conditioner you use as doggos have a very specific pH level that is different to humans, and using the wrong conditioner can prove to be quite harmful to their skin. 

4. Healing butters

Doggos can develop dry & patchy skin on sensitive areas such as their nose, elbows and paw pads. These can be severely affected during winters. A great way to keep them soft & nourished is by using healing butters. 

5. Hydration

The harsh, cold weather can severely deplete the water content in your doggo’s bodies quite rapidly. It is very important that you ensure your doggos are well hydrated at regular intervals.

 6. Keep room heaters away from doggo reach

Heaters are quite handy to keep your rooms warm, however, they can be very hazardous and a recipe for severe injuries, please keep them well away from the reach of your furry babies.

7. Avoid shaving  fur

A well-grown fur coat can provide an extra layer of comfort and warmth in the cold weather as it is designed by mother nature for this specific purpose.

 8. Sun’s out, doggos out!

Don’t hesitate to go out for walks when the winter sun is out, it helps them stay warm and active, so enjoy a brisk session of physical activity to keep the temperature levels balanced and stable.

9. Joint pains in old doggos

Joint pain in old dogs is a common issue during winters, especially cases of arthritis, kindly consult your respective vets, for home remedies or appropriate medications to help your senior doggos during these harsh winters.



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