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Corporate Lessons to Learn from Dogs

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A solid business relationship is built on trust and reliability. Who better to learn these characteristics from than our beloved dogs! who are renowned for their loyal personalities.

Inculcating these habits and characteristics in our social interactions, be it in a personal or a professional setting, can really do wonders for us.


Our pets are naturally accustomed to follow strict timelines. A shift from daily routine causes anxiety. Similarly, maintaining routine with clients/partners, can go a long way in ensuring a successful  relationship.


We unknowingly annoy or disturb our pets sometimes, but they always show a tendency to forgive and forget. This is essential in the business world, since no one is perfect and at the end of the day our clients/partners do want the best for each other.

Be positive

Rarely do we see our pets down and depressed, similarly maintaining a cheerful perspective, in bad times, can help us see the silver lining in every cloud.


Our dearest pets will never leave our side, even in the worst of times. Being there in times of crisis for our clients and partners is one of the most important qualities that can help you build a strong business. 

Protecting ownership

We often see our pets marking their territories, we must also emulate this with our intellectual property in order to stay unique and survive amongst the market forces and competition.

These were the important learning we can imbibe, all we need to do is observe!

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