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Benefits of growing up Kids with dogs

One of the most cherished memories a child can retain throughout their lives is the time they spent with their pets growing up. Apart from bringing immense bundles of joy, having a dog as a pet has a number of benefits that can have an impact on the physical and emotional development of your child.

Let us look at a few surprising benefits that dogs can bring into your child’s growth and development:

  • Active way of life

Childhood obesity has been on the rise for the past decade or so, and cases for this serious health condition has never been higher. Having a dog which is always up for fun and play is a great way to keep your kids on their toes and lead a more active lifestyle.

  • A friend indeed!

Childhood can often get a bit lonely and having a buddy they really rely on can be a boon, a pet dog is easily one of the most loyal, loving friends that your kids can always turn to whenever they feel low or feeling like playing and having fun.

  • Nurture and care

A key development of character takes place when you give a pet to your kid. It instills a sense of parenthood and guardianship in them and makes them want to nurture and take care of them.

  • A learning opportunity

Studies have shown that kids tend to grasp knowledge at their own comfort and pace when in the presence of a pet, who can act as their own therapy animal right from their childhood. A companion for playing as well as learning!

Getting a loving pet dog can be more than just fun and games and actually help your kids build and strengthen long-lasting bonds as creating meaningful relationships is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

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